Saturday, April 11, 2009

menu: a potluck

El Churrasco's Gazpacho with Pine Nuts and Currants

Butternut Squash Kibbeh with Spiced Feta

Fennel Risotto with Ricotta and Dried Chili
Kale Salad with Pine Nuts, Currants and Parmesan

Ginger Bundt Cake
Lemon Ice Cream


  1. Were you pleased with the gazpacho? I think I am going to make the kibbeh for a dinner party with a vegetarian. Any recommendations on size/ type of espresso cup?

  2. The gazpacho was very tasty, but also not as delicious as I'd hoped. I am thinking about how to tweak it.

    Last night I had a sick dinner of leftover squash kibbeh -- the softball-sized cappuccino cup version. I think I prefer them smaller (we used a large domed espresso cup and served them on the little espresso plates on friday), although the former could almost work as one of a few meze. (I ate it with the roasted cauliflower--some with lebneh & dukkah, some with the tahini sauce--and it was very very good.)

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  4. The kibbeh was insane. (Ditto the duo of cauliflower, which I sampled.) The espresso cups used for the kibbeh were a little taller than average--more conical/tapered that the traditional rounded sort--though they hold about the same volume, 2.5 oz or so. I think the additional height may have helped in terms of creating a well for the cheese. Am I right about that, MT?